Saturday, September 22, 2007

Launch of the National Chemistry Week Blog

  • The National Chemistry Week blog was formally established on September 22 2007.

    "National Chemistry Week (NCW) is a community-based program of the Office of Community Activities. This annual event unites ... American Chemistry Society local section[s], businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life."

    The theme for National Chemisty Week in 2007 is "The Many Faces of Chemistry" and will serve as a framework for blog postings. In 2007, National Chemistry Week will be celebrated October 21-27.[]

    Over the coming weeks, there will be a variety of postings relating to
    • Biosketches of notable Iowa State University Chem/ChemE/MatSci/FoodSci/Biochem/Etc. faculty
    • Chemistry-related databases
    • Highlights of Special Collections chemistry-related resources
    • Major chemistry-related publishers/journals
    • Major professional chemistry-related association and societies
    • Profiles of ISU Science and Technology Librarians and their respective chemistry-related responsibilities
    • SciFinder Scholar

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